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  • New Associate Pastor and His Family

    Posted on Dec 14 2018

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    Pastor Diego Silva has accepted the invitation of the Conference Executive Committee to serve as an associate pastor in the Chapel Oaks/Lawrence district with lead pastor Mike Fenton. Born in Brazi...
  • Reach KC Radio

    Posted on Dec 08 2018

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    Adventist Radio for Kansas City: Reach KC Radio 102.9 FM from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. nightly You can tune in from the Web here: There is the possibility of purchase of FM 99.3 wit...
  • Chapel Oaks MOP Project

    Posted on Dec 08 2018

    301006 co mops
    Come connect with fellow moms, enjoy a dinner you don't have to cook, and learn more about our moms’ group! Visit for more info. This week, moms who came to MOPS enjoy...
  • Firearms

    Posted on May 31 2018

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    If you conceal and carry the same state laws apply inside our church as any other public building. However if you are an employee or elected officer of the church you are completely independent in ...
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    Photographs, videos, and other types of electronic media taken during meetings and events occurring at Chapel Oaks are frequently used in public forums such as on the church’s website and Facebook ...
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  • Midweek Service

    Posted on May 31 2018

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    On Wednesday: Midweek Service meets 6:30 p.m. Please join us in our study.
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    There are several ways to donate to those affected by recent hurricanes in the U.S. 1) Enclose your donation in a tithe envelope marked “ACS Hurricane Relief”. 2) Call 800-381-7171. 3) Make an onli...
  • Prison Ministry

    Posted on Dec 25 2017

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    Prison Ministry An established Adventist prison ministry is functioning every Sabbath at the Topeka Correctional Facility in Topeka, Kansas. Tim Johnston, an elder from the Enterprise Church, is le...
  • From Union College...

    Posted on Dec 24 2017

    293024 union
    Did You Know… Did you know that during spring break the Union College gymnastics team traveled to Arizona and California to do multiple programs and seminars at academies and churches? Christian ed...