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Chapel Oaks Building Use by Church Members

Posted on May 31 2018

Chapel Oaks Building Use by Church Members

August 9, 2017


 1. Arrangements should be made at least two weeks before event.

 2. Contact church secretary for scheduling event. (Melody Rockufeler)

 3. Contact head deacon if assistance is needed setting up tables or moving furniture. (Charles Murray)

 4. Contact facilities manager if a key is needed for building. 

 5. Contact facilities manager for thermostat settings. They can control thermostat timers remotely at your request.  Otherwise remember the thermostats will only adjust temperature manually for one hour.

 6. Contact A/V Chairman if sound or video is needed for your event.(Dan McMillen)

 7. Leave the church clean and neat.

 8. Make sure lights are off and all outside doors are checked and locked before leaving. 

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